About My Creations

Unique sculptures made with environmentally friendly textile hardener.

It all starts with wire, tinfoil, masking tape and t-shirt material then add your imagination and voila, this is what happens…









About our Unique Pieces

My sculptures are unique and one-of-a-kind. My creations include figures, wall art and miscellaneous pieces such as flowers, votive candle holders, decorated vases or flower pot holders.  Each piece is made slowly and lovingly with attention to detail and whimsy.  

They are created using 100% natural materials that have been covered with an environmentally friendly textile hardening medium called Powertex.  Every piece of material used is saturated by manually rubbing it with the medium to ensure complete coverage.

The body of each sculpture is constructed of wire, tin foil and masking tape. It is then wrapped in T-shirt material that has been covered in the hardening medium. I use many recycled items that are included as props. Every fantasy develops their own personality as they are dressed, positioned and decorated.

I have made many special pieces for individuals. Some have been caricatures of a friend or family member. Others have incorporated linens, handmade doilies and jewelry of sentimental value to make them a more personalized gift. There are so many ways your inherited doilies or special linen can be used in these creations.  It could be turned into wall art in a picture frame, included in a mask or a votive candle holder or flower pot decoration. The creative possibilities are endless and so much fun. 

They make excellent gifts and can, if covered very carefully with Marine varnish, decorate your garden each season. With proper care, these pieces can be enjoyed for years!

You can find samples of all my creations on the Gallery page on the site. Pieces that are for sale can be found on the Available page.

How to order

For more information, please contact Just Our Imagination.  I will be happy to discuss your project and design needs.


705-791-7957 – Barrie, Ontario




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